Thanks to everyone who has attended our Concealed Carry classes.  We have had some great people with lots of good “what if?” questions.  Looking forward to next Fridays class.  Stay tuned for more great videos and updates on classes and locations.

Welcome to our new site!

We are working on getting our new site up and running….hope you like it! Bear with us while we work through all the kinks! We are currently teaching Concealed Firearms Permit (CCW) classes on Friday and Saturday nights. If you know anyone interested in getting their permit, please send them our way. We can host a class at a home, a workplace, or where ever is convenient for the group. We also have a bunch of other great classes to get you more familiar with your handgun. Keep checking back for great tips and information!

Handgun Complication Medley

Check out this video that I show in my Utah Concealed Weapons permit class: